Nitrogen connects devices together into applications. It provides the device management, security and permissioning, and application platform so that you can focus on building your application and not the infrastructure that surrounds it.

Messaging Based
Most devices are often intermittently connected to the network. This might be because they are battery powered. . . .

Nitrogen is built around messaging to overcome this, enabling devices to send and receive messages when they are connected. . . .

Abstraction: Messages in Nitrogen follow well known schemas, which enables devices and applications to communicate with each other without having to know the details of the other’s implementation.

Authorization and Authentication
The Nitrogen service provides authentication and authorization for both devices and users out of the box, using these security principals in combination with an ACL based permissions system to authorize actions whether its sending or subscribing to a particular device.

Application Environment
An application environment called Reactor hosts and manages the lifecycle of applications that tie together devices. Applications in Nitrogen are node.js modules.